Quality Management
(ISO 9001 & ISO 17025)

The quality of your products and services stands for their overall impression. Therefore the commitment to quality your company promises the market, needs to be reflected uncompromisingly in every internal process as well as your means of production and testing equipment.

Quality Management fulfills two major functions. In first place, it coordinates any activities to increase the quality of processes and working actions. In addition, consistent quality management can provide valuable protection for your company. Well documented, transparent and reproducible processes can contribute to protect your company against unjustified third party claims.

To support you in ensuring long lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as in improving your working processes, CLBS offers you the following services:

  • Guidance and maintenance of the Quality Management System
  • Preparation and execution of surveillance-, certification- and accreditation audits
  • Process design and process documentation in close collaboration with affected departments